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Do you struggle to find the *perfect* activity or game to help students master a math skill?! Do your students get bored of the activities you use too quickly? Do you spend way too much time prepping all sorts of different math activities only to find that they aren't even helping?!

In the SJT Math Club, we share engaging and research-based games and activities every month to help you stock up! That way you can save precious time planning and just get straight to doing what you do best... teaching!

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Each activity and game uploaded to the SJT Math Club is research-based and engaging so your students are sure to love it. There are also plenty of differentiated options for you to choose from.

You'll be able to login to the club, go right to the skill you're teaching, print and go.

The SJT Math Club will be your one-stop hub for all things math!

"I LOVE the SJT Math Club! The ease of use, the variety of games/activities, the organization of the files - I have really enjoyed it. THANK YOU for providing this, and, although it's the last day of school, and I'm REALLLLLY looking forward to a break this year, I'm already looking forward to next year and using more of these resources. THANK YOU!"

every month in the SJT Math Club, you will get hands on, print & play, and digital activities to try with your students! The games will be differentiated and appropriate for kindergarten, first and second grade students.

H A N D S - O N

Students will feel & understand the math concepts they'll be learning with fun, hands-on activities. I use these when introducing a new math topic to students both in whole and small group.

P R I N T  &  P L A Y

Are your students ready for some FUN practice?! I love using print and play games that require little to no prep and are highly engaging. Many of these will be for partners to play, but some will also be independent.


We are living in a digital world! There are some really great ways to practice math skills through a computer or tablet. Each month, I include a digital activity for both Google Classroom and Seesaw.

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Join over 1,000 kindergarten, first grade, and second grade teachers in the SJT Math Club to receive games and activities each and every month. These are guaranteed to meet the needs of your students and save you a ton of time in the long run. It's a win-win!

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