Dear K-2 teachers,

  • Are you wondering how to create a classroom full of engaged and independent writers?
  • Are you wondering exactly what writing lessons you're supposed to teach throughout the year?
  • Are you wishing you'd received training on researched-based practices for getting primary authors to move from scribbles and sketches to published writing pieces?

Well then guess what... you're already an AMAZING teacher.

Figuring out how to best meet the needs of our students despite all the challenges thrown our way makes us teachers great at what we do. Now, it's time to get you the resources and guidance you need to help your students thrive. That's where the SJT Writing Club comes in!

Say no more, I want in!

Let's play a game...Picture this:

  • You look around your classroom. There's a gentle hum of whispers and pencils moving on paper because every student is actively writing
  • You walk over to a student's work and laugh out loud because you can actually hear their voice coming through in their funny story
  • You are able to confer with students 1-on-1, listen to their stories, and offer guidance easily because the rest of the class are so caught up in their own writing at their own pace

Okay, are you ready for the best part?!

That's all possible. I know it is because I've done it. Time and time again!

It'll take work, don't get me wrong. And you'll need to put some clear, consistent procedures put in place, but I know just how to help.

Are you ready to save time & become a better writing teacher?!

Take a peek inside the club with me!


The SJT Writing Club: 

This club is an educational membership filled with like-minded teachers all trying to better their writing instruction.

Each month, members get access to mix of print & teach, research-based lessons, video PD sessions, mentor text lists, rubrics, grammar/conventions small-group lessons, all based on what they want and need for their classrooms at the time!

That's right.. it's my job to make your job easier!

How do I sign up?

What's included in the membership?

ready-to-use resources

Grab tons of detailed lessons for over 16 different writing genres (and counting). Each unit comes with a printable mentor text list, anchor charts, modeled teacher examples, and more. Just print & teach!

video lessons

Wondering how to set up your writing block? Looking for ideas to get students to add more details to their writing? Watch tons of videos for quick lessons and tips you can implement in your classroom right away.

support & collaboration

Join our exclusive Facebook group and ask questions based on what is happening in your classroom. Each year our students have different needs, so let's support one another and collaborate!

What current members are saying:

Highlights from the club:


Within this membership, we cover so many great writing topics throughout the year. Some of the highlights include:

  • Launch your writing block:
    • tips, tricks, books, and more to set the foundation for you and your students
  • Illustrations tell the story:
    • we go over ways to get your youngest learners storytelling from the beginning of the year (even when they don't have the words for their stories just yet!)
  • Adding text and details:
    • strategies to help your students get their thoughts and ideas on paper
  • Units and lessons:
    • within the club, there are already ready-to-use lessons for personal narratives, how-to booklets, persuasive letters, realistic fiction, poetry, informative research books, writing reviews, and more
  • Mentor text lists and grading rubrics:
    • for each unit I create, I include mentor text lists with both old and current texts. I also include rubrics for grading and publishing checklists to help students produce their best work
  • Editing & revision:
    • we lay the groundwork for our primary students to go back into their texts to edit and revise their work
  • Conferring, Publishing, Celebrating & More!
    • throughout the year, we talk about best practice when it comes to conferring with students, publishing our stories, and celebrating student work so they're encouraged to keep on writing!

I'm ready to join hundreds of other K-2 teachers!




  • Access to all writing units and lessons immediately
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group
  • New lessons, videos, and resources every month you are an active member
  • Cancel anytime



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  • Access to all units and lessons immediately
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group
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  • Instant access to the writing course, "The First Grade Writing Formula" completely free

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Frequently Asked Questions

What teachers usually ask before joining the SJT Writing Club!

I can't wait to spend the year learning with you!

Each year I get SO excited to form a mastermind of like-minded teachers who love teaching (and learning) as much as I do! My goal for the SJT Writing Club is to provide lessons, support, and encouragement throughout the year!

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me ([email protected]) and I will be happy to answer them for you.

Talk soon!

Club Enrollment Closes July 31st!

Let's do this!