Master Your Writing Workshop:

In this 4-part video series, you'll begin by learning some of the basics of writing workshop. Then, we will go into some tried and true strategies to get your K-2 students feeling confident in their writing ability! Taking the time to watch these videos is a beginning step towards learning how to take our young authors from drawing sketches to writing published stories!

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Video 1:

Getting Started | The Basics

Video 2:

Fostering Independent Writers

Video 3:

Spelling Strategies

Video 4:

Adding MORE to our writing

Video 1: The Basics

14 minutes long


Video 2: Independent Writers

11:30 minutes long


Video 3: Spelling Strategies

13 minutes long


Video 4: Adding Details

23 minutes long


The Club is Closed!

The SJT Writing Club is currently closed for the 2020-2021 school year, but you can learn more about what it offers as well as join the wait list here:

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